Growing since 2011

We love hydrangeas! Our mission is to deliver the highest quality hydrangeas to your door, on time and at a fair price!

Our story begins in 2011 with the first hydrangea crops, grown at our farm in El Retiro, Antioquia by the hands of the most dedicated farmers. Our dream was to reach different markets with our flowers, maintaining high quality standards but keeping low costs. We aimed to achieve this by controlling the complete process from our farm to your door, which led us to later consolidate the operation with direct marketing in 2015 at the national level and in 2019 at the international level.

Prime Flowers LLC

What makes us different?

Since then, by understanding and meeting the specific needs of our customers, we have evolved our product line, specializing in different sizes of hydrangeas, and offering a wide range of natural colors and endless possibilities for tinted colors, making us a unique offer in terms of the flexibility of our product range, our packaging, and our quality.

We guarantee the freshness of each shipment since each one is processed individually in our farm, at the time of purchase, and sent to the destination by air after passing through our quality control.

We serve our clients across 49 states by building long term relations with them and keeping a friendly, honest, and timely service. Our production is consistent throughout the year, thus ensuring a consistent supply, meeting the demands for our customers all year long.

Our Values

Our values

We are committed to our customers, believing in integrity and fairness as the basis for all our business. We also focus on social, environmental, and economic responsibility seeking sustainable growth for our employees and our clients.

Our team is in constant improvement, working with passion and humility to deliver our best in every shipment!